Disclosure Statement – "Your Deposit Account"

Deposit Account Disclosure

The Deposit Account Disclosure is the Agreement that establishes the terms of the relationship between First Summit Bank and you. The Agreement means this document and any subsequent amendments that we give you, including disclosures such as Truth-In-Savings, Funds Availability Disclosure, Electronic Funds, Substitute Check Disclosure, Privacy Disclosure and the schedule of Miscellaneous Fees and Other Charges.

The Deposit Account Disclosure and any other documents we give you pertaining to your account(s) are a contract that establishes rules which control your account(s) with us. Please read these documents carefully. By signing the signature card or continuing to use your current account, you agree to these terms. Included with your Account Disclosure will be a schedule of rates, service charges, required balances and any other Miscellaneous Fees and Charges for your account. If you have any questions, please call us.

The Deposit Account Agreement, Service Charges and other Miscellaneous Fees may be amended at any time but you will be notified of any changes before they go into effect.

You may request a copy of the Deposit Account Disclosure and other Disclosures at the bank or request to have one mailed to you.